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A full time worker in Neurology, Neurosurgery or its allied disciplines can apply for direct enrolment as a Life Member of the Society, but the membership will be granted only during the Annual Conference of the Society, which in held in the third week of December.

Only Full Members (who have no outstanding dues to the Society) or Life Members are eligible for proposing and seconding the application for grant of Full Membership.

Details Of Payment

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Associate Members Residing In India Residing Abroad
Admission Fees Rs.1000/- US $ 20.0
Annual Subscription Rs.2500/-
(For a period of 3 years, renewable in 3 year blocks) 
(For 6 years block for direct MCh / DNB / DM courses)
US $ 50.0 
US $ 100.0
Conversion Of Associate Member To Life Member
Admission Fees Admission fees Rs. 12000 in one installment or Rs. 4500 in three installments.  
Annual Subscription As Per Rules  
Life Members
Admission Fees Rs. 15000/- ( in one instalment)
Rs. 5000 yearly (in 3 instalments)
Admission fees of Rs. 1000/- (for direct Life Membership)
US $ 500.0
Conversion of existing full members to life members Rebate of 2.5% for the life membership subscription would be given for every completed year of continuous full membership.  
Postal surcharge for sending newsletter and journal for members / associate members residing abroad   Rs.1000/- per year.
US $ 20 per year

NOTE: With effect from 2002, all FULL members would only be admitted as LIFE MEMBERS

DD / Cheque to be drawn in favour of " Neurological Society of India" payable at the city of residence of the Treasurer NSI.

Outstation Bank charges of Rs 80/- are to be included in outstation cheques.

The completed application form along with the amount is to be sent to:


Dr. P. Sarat Chandra

Professor, Dept of Neurosurgery,
Room No. 607, Neurosciences Faculty Chambers,
6th Floor, CN Center, All India Institute Of Medical Sciences,
Ansari Nagar, New Delhi – 110029
Email: saratpchandra3@gmail.com
66th Annual Conference of Neurological Society of India
Date: 30th November - 3th December 2017 Nagpur. Maharashtra
Members List
Organizations / individuals wishing to obtain a detailed list of members of the society may please contact the Secretary of the NSI.
The rates would be Rs.10000 for commercial use and Rs.500 for non-commercial use.
The payment is to be made by demand draft to the Treasurer, NSI.
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